Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who Said a 2lb. Baby Can't Breastfeed?!

I decided before I was pregnant that I was going to breastfeed. My mother breastfed me and I wanted to do it for my children. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding for both baby and mom. When I found out I was having twins, I still wanted to do it (I've got two to use, right?) When the girls were born at 28 weeks I knew that breast milk was going to be essential to their development. It's the best food for them!

I had major complications with this delivery. I was unable to pump right away because I was in the recovery room for a couple of hours and I couldn't move much anyway. When I finally got a breast pump I pumped every 3 hours to stimulate lactation. When I was discharged I still wasn't making any milk. For a whole week at home I pumped every 3 hours and still no milk. I didn't know it at the time, but my body was host to an infection, which was delaying my healing and my milk production. I was re-hospitalized for the infection and stayed in the hospital for another week. To make a long story short, I struggled for a long time with the breast pump before I finally started getting milk in. I was so close to giving up. Again, I felt like a failure. Yet another way I couldn't provide for my girls. I prayed and prayed about it. then one day it happened, I was getting my milk in, and I was so relieved.

The girls were very small (1lb 11oz and 1lb 12oz) and in no position to breastfeed, so pumping my milk was the only way they could get it. They were fed through feeding tubes. They weren't able to breastfeed until they were 1 month and 11 days old. Akira was (and still is) bigger than Sakura so she was allowed to breastfeed. The doctors and nurses were against Sakura breastfeeding because of her size. She was 2lb 3oz. The lactation consultant said she would give it a try. Sakura breastfed like a champion. She was better at it then Akira! I was so grateful to Char and I thanked God for giving Sakura the ability to do it.

On August 27 2010 I breastfed for the first time. It was the most amazing experience ever! Finally I felt like I was doing something for my girls, providing for them, being a mother to them. I got all teary-eyed when I got home that day. I couldn't wait to do it again! New moms and moms-to-be I encourage you to breastfeed your children, preemies and full-term babies alike! You can find out more info about breastfeeding at


  1. That's such an awesome story to share, Charisma! As much as the milk itself is so important to a baby's development, the skin-to-skin time, looking at one another, being held and cuddled, feeling safe, etc. are just as important, if not more. It builds a trusting relationship that I do not believe can be built otherwise. I'm starting to wean Lydia (she'll be 14 months soon), but I look forward to breastfeeding her little brother/sister one day, and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to share such an amazing experience with her. I am so glad you are able to share that with both of your girls, too!

  2. my daughter was 3'2 at birth...never got to breast feed her...