Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Organic Food Frenzy

When I was pregnant I wanted to provide the best environment possible for my girls to grow in. I was into eating healthy before I got pregnant, but when I had two lives growing in my body it became more important to me. I wanted to eat as organically as my budget would allow, but I didn't know what I should buy organic and what I don't have to buy organic. I came across a list called the Dirty Dozen. It's made up of the 12 fruits and veggies you should definitely buy organic because of the amount of pesticides found on them (and sometimes in them). The list is updated every year, sometimes with new products on there. You can get more info here. You can also read about the Clean 15 you don't have to buy organic.

I am all for eating organic foods, but sometimes it's not in your budget to go 100% organic. So, knowing which key foods you should buy organic in order to keep as much pesticides out of your body (and the growing life/lives inside you) is a great start. Here's to healthy eating and a slimmer America!!

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  1. I think people think "organic" and all of a sudden see a price tag 3 times the amount of conventional products...but there are options. Look into local farmers markets, stock up when things are on sale, don't buy too many prepared foods that say "organic" - just make your own (esp. food for babies/young children). And, like you said, not everything has to be organic - all you can do is try your best! :-)