Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So, how did it all start?

Juan and I (mostly I) wanted to have a baby. I couldn't stop thinking about babies and being pregnant. Every month a assumed all my monthly cycle symptoms were pregnancy symptoms. I started to pray about it intensely. I also started to educate myself on all that is involved with being pregnant such as caring for myself and what happens during development. I learned a lot! A month after Juan and I got married, around mid-January I became pregnant. I didn't feel any different and my clothes fit the same, but my period was late. On Juan's birthday, 2/1/2010, I took a pregnancy test. I was convinced it would be negative just like the 4 previous tests I took. Not this time! I called Juan to tell him, he was on his way to work, and just like that we were parents.

I screamed when I saw the lightest pink line appear on the stick. I was excited beyond words that I was pregnant. I didn't have insurance so I got Medicaid right away. Prenatal care is very important. When I was 9 weeks pregnant I went to the doctor. I knew I was there for my first sonogram and I couldn't wait, but I was in the shock of my life. The sonogram was done trans-vaginally because the baby is too small to see over the stomach. When I saw those two beans I was speechless. I knew it was twins, but I couldn't bring myself to say it out loud. The tech said "looks like you have two in there!" I said "My husband is going to flip!" And that he did.

We didn't tell anyone until I was 3 months We knew that there was a chance of losing one or both babies in the first 3 months and we didn't want to go through telling everyone bad news after sharing good news. If I had only known then what I know now LOL.

Those first feelings I had when I first saw that pink line are still so fresh it makes my heart skip. Although all the plans I had for pregnancy and birth totally went out the window, I'm still happy and blessed to have my girls. Never in a million years did I think I'd be here. God is great.


  1. God is great!! I'm so proud of you and Juan and wish so badly that I could come to see you guys in NYC! Love you!

  2. Charisma... this is Ashlei... I was the girl in the wheelchair that worked as the Secretary with Juan at Abi's Place... I hope you remember... first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! I still speak Carrie often and she told me... I was two months and one week premature myself... you can get through this your girls are beautiful by the way God does not make us handle more than we can bear and you are doing a beautiful job! :-) I will be praying for you continuously :-) I will find you on facebook :-) I want your courage and perseverance you are definitely someone that I can learn a lot from
    lots of love