Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My New World of Fabrics...Exciting!

When I was in high school my amazing art teacher taught us how to make quilts by hand. It was very simple and once I started I couldn't stop. I started with a very small 2'x2' quilt and graduated to a queen sized quilt. I continued making them all through high school. My last one was for my grandmother who lives in Puerto Rico. I made one of the Puerto Rican flag, my biggest and most complicated to date. I had to make a sketch on grid paper to make sure I got it right. I haven't fiddled with fabric since, until I got a hold of these cane back chairs at my local Goodwill!

I know they don't look like much now, but wait until I reupholster them in something amazing! Some inspiration pics for what could these chairs become. 



So many possibilities! I don't think I will be painting mine, but I could be swayed. I've been so into fabric the last couple days as noted by my new Pinterest board. A blogger a keep up with, Lauren over at Baylor Says, suggested that I visit Fabric.com and HawthorneFabrics.com. Both are great suggestions and so began my hunt for my chairs. I haven't chosen one, but I do sense a color I'm going for.

Love them all, but I can't have them all! I know I want something with color and boldness. Both are lacking in my home. The first one reminds me of my dining room inspiration pic.

See the peacock feathered chairs? Love it!! Who would've thought my work with fabrics would evolve into reupholstering furniture? I'll keep you posted!

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