Thursday, April 26, 2012

If I Had A Garage...Oh the Possibilities!

Pinterest has open my eyes to the tremendous possibilities in everything. There are so many ideas about crafts and DIY projects that I make up excuses and create events to give myself the opportunity to be creative. I'm not alone on this, right? I'm on the hunt now for a few big ticket items on a small budget. I've been scouring thrift stores, second hand shops and consignment stores and hoping to find things cheap that may need a little love. Here's the problem, I don't have anywhere to do these projects!!! I live in a condo and have no garage to create amazing pieces of furniture from someone's throw-aways. Check out this piece from a local blogger, Lauren, over at Baylor Says.
She turned this FREE chaise into
Fabulous isn't it? She was able to take off the old fabric and paint the frame herself in her garage. If I were given this chaise it would still be in it's original skin and I would be dieing to rip it apart.
Here are some other projects I would do if I had a garage to do them in.
Reupholster chairs I got for $10
Why buy a new dining table when you can refinish and old one? Or if you're tired of your current one, paint it a bold color!
Make my own headboard. Do you know how expensive these can get!!! The first one is made from an old door. Whaaat!
You've seen these before. If you're on a budget, but it reminds you of grandma's house, paint and put some new hardware on it!
Chevron is all the rage now, so these rugs cost a pretty penny. But you can paint your own for a fraction of the cost.
Is there anyone kind enough to let me use their garage?


  1. I think it's time to buy a house. Then you'll have that garage for all your projects.

  2. I know! I'm so ready to by a house, but unfortunately it's not in our immediate future :(