Saturday, April 21, 2012

Florida Keys + No Kids = VACATION!!!

A few weeks ago Juan and I went on vacation without the girls. I love my girls, but I needed a break. We decided to stay somewhat local and take a trip to the Keys. It was beautiful! It's so different from the rest of Florida. Here's what the view was like from our room.

Gorgeous isn't it? It reminds me of the beaches in Puerto Rico I visited when I was a girl. Crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. I plan on framing this picture. We stayed in Islamorada, FL about 3 hours from Key West. It was weird not having anything to do. No bottles, diapers or screaming. It was amazing! And I didn;t want it to end. There were moments when I missed the girls, but I knew they were safe and I needed time away from them. The girls stayed with very loving and very brave family members who took awesome care of the girls. Thanks again for giving us peace of mind while we were away!

It's been a long while since my hubby and I got away just ourselves.

We look pretty different without kids hanging off of us! LOL And talk about God's glory shining down on me. I miss the days when it was just Juan and I. We used to spend a lot of time together hanging out and talking. Our lives and lifestyle changed tremendously with the girls. Are marriage isn't in shambles, we just don't have all the time in the world anymore. So, little getaways like this are imperative to our relationship. And taking time out to experience God's amazing creation is priceless.

The Florida Keys have the most amazing sunsets. I was told this is why people come to visit. There's nothing like standing out on a dock and watching the sun move ever so slowly until it's swallowed up by the ocean. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to say there isn't a God when you experience such beauty as this.

Hubby and I did make a trip down to Key West to do some water sports. We got on jet skies, kayaks and the banana boat. It was my first time on a jet ski and it was so much fun!!! I loved every minute of it. We walked around for a bit and had dinner at this amazing Cuban restaurant called El Siboney. We wanted to go to a place the wasn't overrun with tourists and high prices. It was a long walk there, buy well worth it. Finally, we couldn't leave without taking a pic at Mile Marker Zero. We did drive all the way there didn't we?

We had a great time on vacation, but, as usual, it wasn't long enough. I was already planning our next trip, he's been wanting to go up to Chicago. We were excited to see the girls again and happy to have them in our arms. I'm excited for the time we can take them on vacation with us to experience life outside our country. But until then, they will stay with loving and brave family members :)

Where have you been lately?

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