Friday, February 10, 2012

My Annual Appointment

This is always an exciting time for me because I got my annual haircut!! Crazy, I know. What woman do you know who only goes to the salon once a year? ME! I have never dyed my hair, so I have no need to go. My hair tells me when to go. For some reason when my hair gets to a certain length it gets knotted just by blowing on it. That's when it's time to chop it off and it only happens once a year.

I never go to the same place twice (GASP!) This time I bought a deal on Living Social for a haircut and style for $35 (a $70 value). I jumped right on it because the price always goes up the longer my hair is. I took a trip down to Juliet's Salon in Delray Beach, FL (30 mins. from my home) and dived in. Customer service was great, I was asked if I wanted something to drink and my stylist escorted me herself. Ashley was awesome! Her consultation was great and she wasn't scared of getting all into my hair. I would've been scared of a raccoon jumping out at me. I got a little head massage with my shampoo (Ahhh...) Juliet's Salon uses Kerastase products, which I'm a big fan of. Overall, very happy with my experience and my hair looks great!

Before my new look my hair was very knotted. It resembled a mop.

After it looked silky smooth, knot free and about 4 inches shorter

Akira wanted in on the photo shoot LOL I have no idea what she was pointing at.

I'm very happy!!

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