Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have a green thumb! LOL

For our 2 year anniversary my darling husband got me an orchid. I've wanted one for a along time, but never got one because I thought there was a high possibility I would kill it. I was happy to receive it, but scared I would kill it in a week. I researched till my eyes hurt. I even called up a guy who used to own an orchid farm and picked his brain a little about what to do. He said I was doing great as long as the flowers and leaves were looking good. Here's what I learned: There are so many different orchids and different ways to care for them, but orchid care is easy!! Look at my beautiful orchid!

Not only have I not killed it, It's still budding new flowers!
I noticed the new bud about 2 weeks ago and I was so excited that I was doing something right. Did you know that in the wild orchids wrap their roots around a tree and just hang on? No soil needed! Look at how my bud has grown:
I'm so happy I haven't killed my orchid. My favorite part about caring for an orchid is I don't have to water it every day! I literally water it when I remember to do it. It's the perfect plant for me!

My next plant might be an air plant. It's even easier to care for than an orchid! There's a plant out there for everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh... I have killed so many orchids. All I can recommend is lots of sun! And then when the orchid hibernates (if the leaves are still green it's still alive), add a faux orchid to fill in for the season. NO one will know, it's the best fake flower out there :).