Monday, February 13, 2012

A Day of Many "Firsts"!

My girls have had me in amazement since birth, so every time they hit a milestone or do something they have never done before it's a time to celebrate. But a couple of days ago, Friday, February 10th to be exact, my girls blew me away. First, Akira ate with a spoon for the first time and did it amazingly well. She knew what she was doing!!

I'm sure she'll be a pro soon especially since she loves to eat!

Next, we took our first outing to Gymboree Play & Music. They offer a free class to test the waters. They also allow you to try the different levels for free to find the right fit for your child. This was important to me since the girls are at different levels of physical development. The class was awesome and both girls were happily exhausted after the class. Points for Mommy!! 

I was surprised by how well Sakura was able to thoroughly enjoy herself just as much as the other children, she is the only crawler in the class. My hope is that she will be encouraged to become a biped like the other children her age. Akira was a beast!!! I turned my back to her for 2 seconds to get Sakura and shes already climbing a ladder. I didn't know she could do that! She has no fear, which can be good and bad. Both girls were entertained the entire visit and had an amazing time. I was sweating after chasing two kids around for an hour, but it was worth it. Can't wait for the next class!

The final "first" of the day was Akira walking up and down the stairs. I've mentioned before my struggles with getting the girls to and from the house. Well, I decided that Akira had enough practicing how to walk so we're going to try the stairs. I strapped Sakura into my ERGObaby, grabbed the diaper bag in one hand and Akira's hand in the other, and headed out. She did so well! She learned that holding on to the rail makings going up and down easier. She loved it so much that she cried when it came time to get into the car. Oh well, can't win them all. So proud of my baby girls. And to think they couldn't breathe when they were born.

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