Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Homemade Frozen Dinners Are Da Bomb!

These days I'm all about saving time in the kitchen. I had Thanksgiving AND Christmas Eve dinner at my house last year and since then I have barely been in the kitchen. My husband can vouch for that. Having dinner at my house has become a tradition (three years running) and I love it. Everyone in comfortable here and I really don't mind all the cooking. But after it's all done, I don't want to set foot in the kitchen for a couple of months. Then I was hit with a great idea: Frozen Dinners. This was my thought process: I puree and freeze Sakura's food every week, I can do the same with our dinners! Logical, right? I don't think you can do this with all dinners, for example, frozen rice. I have tried a few things with great success.