Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I've Learned in 6 Months

A couple of days ago my angels, Sakura and Akira, turned 6 months old. That's half a year already. Granted Sakura spent more than half of that time in the NICU, but it's like it never happened. Those memories, although they are still there, don't haunt me like they use to. I don't think about those terrible, anxiety ridden days anymore. Suppressing memories? No, I think back to those days and I get shivers thinking of how far they have come. Also, my sister-in-law is expecting, so I relive those days every time she asks me for advice, and I'm glad to do it. I once thought I would lose my babies, now they are thriving! Praise God!

I have been though a lot in the last six months and as a result I have learned many things. Here are some:

1. God is real and He performs miracles EVERYDAY
2. Laughter is the best medicine there is
3. I am NOT Super Mom, although I do look good in a cape
4. French Onion flavored Sun Chips are the bomb
5. Allowing others to help is NOT a sign of weakness
6. I am Sakura and Akira's only advocate and I have to stand my ground for what I deem good and healthy for them
7. Family traditions are NOT mandatory for my family
8. Being a mami doesn't equal having no life of my own
9. My husband is not a punching bag. This is all new to him, too
10. Pray, pray, pray

My girls will teach me loads of things before they even know what teaching is. As much as these two drive me nuts, I love them to pieces. Thanks girls! Mama love you!!!


  1. I'm glad the girls are both home now and doing well!

  2. 6 months is a long time... but you've made the best of it and now look at how far you and your family have come! good for you to take the moment and reflect back.

  3. Wow thank you for sharing. You are very inspiring!