Saturday, November 6, 2010

Prematurity Awareness Month-Spread the Word

I knew I was pregnant with twins and I knew they were most likely going to be born early, probably around 36 or 37 weeks. Never in a million years did I think they would come at 28 weeks, a full three months ahead of schedule. My girls fought long and hard to grow and develop while my husband and I helplessly waited for them to grow and develop. Babies are born early for a number of reasons, baby is in distress, water broke early, contractions started and were unable to be stopped, etc. My girls came early because of preeclampsia.  The cause of preeclampsia is unknown, which is why more research has to be done. The only cure for this is to give birth. I was hospitalized for a week and given steroids for the girls lungs and delivered on 7/16/2010. I was on vacation in NY when I was starting to have problems with chest pain and contractions. The journey was long, but we are finally going home next week. Knowing what I have been though and after seeing so many other babies in the NICU, I will make it my business to become more involved in raising awareness on prematurity. Please visit the March of Dimes website to gain more information on prematurity, other baby-related topics and to find ways you can spread the word. While you're there, grab a badge for your blog and stand for the fight.


  1. I came to tell you that I am following you back and then started reading your posts! Incredible babies and Mom! I wish you and your family the best in the world and hope those little girls do great. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

    Debbie @ Debbie Does Coupons

  2. I'm a new follower from Relax and Surf Sunday! Looking forward to reading more from you! Our daughter was born at 27 weeks and weighed 1 pound 11 ounces. I know all too well what you are going through. She is 10 now and you would never be able to tell what a very rough first 5 years she had.

  3. I wish you all the best with what you are doing. Going to read some on this topic, as I am pretty unaware of it...

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  6. Your blog is amazing! I am your newest follower. My daughter Ansley is a premie, although not micro. I had severe preeclampsia and they were about to deliver her at 29 weeks until I was stabilized. After a long hospital stay she was born at 35 weeks. She is now 3 and a handful LOL

    Hope you will visit my blog and check us out.