Saturday, May 5, 2012

Motherhood Madness: Veering Off Schedule

Being a mother is no easy feat. It takes bravery, courage, wits, patience and a strong faith in the Lord to raise your children that will lead this world into the next generation. But before any world changing things happen, you have to deal with a whole lot of other stuff. Being a mother of twins has been hard since conception. Twenty-one months, 2 weeks and 5 days later it's still hard. Right now the most maddening part of caring for the girls is they don't want to stay on the same schedule. Having a schedule has been absolutely vital to how our house runs. The girls have always been on the same feeding and nap schedule since the NICU. But now they are starting to show differences in preference. Lets take nap time for example. Sakura needs more sleep than Akira does. She tires out more easily than Akira, Honestly, I think Akira could skip naps all together, which might help her go to sleep better at night and sleep in longer the next day, but that isn't happening anytime soon. I should've known this from the beginning. Here's Sakura sound asleep.
 Here's Akira wide awake.
The girls were around 5 or 6 months in these photos.

 Akira is always waking Sakura up or keeping her from going to sleep with her crying (always a maddening moment). Every mother knows that nap time is not only important for baby, but also for mommy. But what can I do? I guess that's what happens when your children get older. Here's a  perfect example taken at today's nap time. Akira ready to go at 2pm.
Sakura still asleep at 2:45. BTW can you believe the hair on her head? Me neither!

I love my girls and they are adorable, but they keep me busy and on my toes! More Motherhood Madness to come!

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